Planning and  organization of transport carriages

  • Working out of transportation's schemes for you
  • Operative calculation of freight and presentation of complex tariff rates
  • Consultations concerning the optimization of transport charges and preparation of transport documents
  • Information of freight rules is available for you
  • Consultations concerning the terms and conditions of forwarding services and preparation of the contract taking into account you interests
  • Co-ordination with all members of transport process
  • Arrangement of organization of transportation of hazardous  ADR cargoes
  • Working out of schemes and approval of technical specifications of shipment including atypical and oversized cargoes
  • presentation of the assortment of transport in necessary quantity and in required region
  • flexibility in negotiations with clients including pricing
  • complex transport service for the customer , we can assume all range of the client’s freights either international or inland
  • possibility of mixed traffic , freight of several kinds of transport requires an accurate interaction between each of them as fail of the one can lead to the fail of the whole link
  • consolidation of a small shipments (accumulation of some small parts of the cargo in the storehouse, storing and shipping as accumulated to the consignee)

Customs and brokerage services

  • providing with customs forwarding of transit freights
  • services of custom brokers , consultations of customs clearance

Supervisory control

  • follow up vehicles , information supply
    concerning the cargo location

Operative assistance to find the decision of various problems

  • legal counseling
  • financing problem solution
  • render support in crossing the borderpoints
  • Other services
  • organization of cargo and transportation  insurance

We would be glad to find you in the list of our clients,
colleagues, forwarding agents and with pleasure share
our experience, knowledge, information as mutually
beneficial business is at the top of all our activity.

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