The company was founded in 2004 and namely due to youth, steady self-development and self-perfection, searching of the best results,  our company obtained for a short period of time the main thing- recognition  in the market of international transport carriages.

Our main task was and remains the creation and offering of the optimal complex of forwarding services rendering in Ukrainian and international markets, securing of reliability and high quality in service of our clients.

We dedicate ourselves to development and presentation of ready decisions dealing with freight traffic management and connected with it informational and documentary flows.

Steady informational control allows us to exercise the management and control over any cargo transportation, wherever it will be or wherever the client will be.

We give assistance for our clients to concentrate their attention and recourses on their own business by using our company to carry out work which is unnatural for their basic activity.

We try to be  deserved connecting-link between cargo owners and transporters and understand that your and our prosperity depends on the level of forwarding services rendered by our company.

The individual approach of our company for each client serves as a pledge of the highest quality and effectiveness of our service.

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